Bienvenue à French Club !

French Club is a tutoring school dedicated to help students of all ages and abilities learn French language. We aim to empower all our students to thrive and achieve their best in tutoring sessions, in lessons at school, and during their exams.

Why tutoring?

Some students finds some school subjects particularly challenging and more often than not, languages fall into that category. Students who struggle in lessons will often lose interest in the subject which lead to underachievement. Tutoring can resolve this and help students to get a renewed interest in the subject.

What kind of tutoring does my child need?

Different kind of tutoring are available: one-to-one or small groups. Younger learners will often benefit from being part of a group as it is less intimidating and allows them to help each other during the sessions. Pre-GCSE, GCSE, and A-levels students can have either one-to-one sessions or small groups of maximum 4 students.

Why French Club?

Each student has a unique potential and we endeavour to help each of those we tutor to find it and to make sure that they not only progress in their language learning, but also that they grow more confident in their ability to learn and use the language.

When using French Club, you get:

  • Native French tutor
  • Experienced teacher
  • Good knowledge of exam requirements
  • One to one or small group tuition to make the most of your tuition time