French Club for Children

Young children learn a new language quicker than adults.

Young children are very receptive to new languages and are ready to learn without inhibition. It is widely established that it’s easier to learn a new language in the first few years of life, and therefore introducing a second language at an early age should enable children to pick it up as effortlessly as they did their native tongue. Being able to speak more than one language will go a long way in shaping the future of your children who will have a far better chance of learning any other languages more easily later on.

Whether you want your child to learn French for fun, to be able to communicate with a friend or has difficulties learning French at school, the Children French Groups are ideal for them as it mainly aims to build their confidence and motivation through speaking skills in order for them to “feel better” at French, and why not, take it later at GCSE level !

The other aim of these sessions is to raise the awareness of young children to the existence of other languages and, in doing so, to make them realise that these are just as natural means of communicating with other people as their own.

Price and booking

Duration Price
45 min £20
1 hour £25

To apply, please send us an email at or call Nathalie on 07415 689 390


All material will be given to your child during the sessions and the cost of the session covers expenses such as pens, pencils, worksheet, stickers, and any material your child will be using. If you would like to buy the French book or the activity book your child is working with, please let me know.

School's location

10 Helder Grove
SE12 0RB

Why choose us?

  • Experienced and qualified teacher
  • Native French speaker
  • Fun and interactive classes
  • Small groups guarantee that children will get all teacher’s attention